Certified Welding & Fabricating

ALKAB Contract Manufacturing, Inc. has extensive welding and fabricating expertise with a wide variety of metals. Our extensive expertise enables us to consistently provide superior weld quality in fulfilling a comprehensive range of welding and fabricating requirements.

  • Highly-skilled and experienced craftspeople certified to ASME and AWS
  • Extensive expertise with a wide variety of metals and multiple welding processes including:
    • FCAW (Flux Core)
    • GMAW (MIG)
    • GTAW (TIG)
    • SMAW (Stick)
  • Specialists in the welding of:
    • Aluminum Alloys
    • Nickel Based Alloys including Stainless Steel
    • Exotic Alloys
    • Carbon Steel

With our large part machining and small part machining capabilities, ALKAB is your single source for large and small high-accuracy machined weldments, complex weldments and welding of your most challenging parts.

Highly Skilled & Certified Craftspeople

stainless steel welding